Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Event 1: Hammer Museum

After visiting the Leap Before You Look: Black Mountain College (1933-1957) exhibit in the Hammer Museum, I gained a lot of insight as to how this school worked and show it was very influential in the arts.  As it was my first time at the Hammer Museum, I had no idea what to expect when visiting.  

Black Mountain College was created in 1933, and was a liberal arts school located in North Carolina that focused on expression through art.  It was interesting to see how each piece of art played an important role in the advancement and growth of art in the post-war era.  These pieces went along with what we have learned in the class this year, and it was intriguing to see how these artists used these methods without necessarily even being taught these things.  Students used the trial and error method to create pieces of art that had not been seen before, and some of the most important artists of their era came from this school.  Overall, I would definitely recommend this exhibit to anyone who is taking this class or plans on taking this class, as well as anyone who is interested in learning about how art has grown and developed over time.  Also, the Hammer Museum is a cool place to go because of the spinning chairs located on the second floor.

Phtoto proof that I went to the museum (I'm on the left)

More proof I went (still me on the left)

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