Sunday, April 3, 2016

Week 1: Two Cultures

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As stated by C.P. Snow, in this week's lecture, we learned about the connection between art and science, and how there is a parallel between the two. Immediately, I thought of the bond between the two in relations to sportswear.  Nike, one of the most prestigious and popular sportswear brands on the market today, utilizes a balance between art and science in their clothes and equipment. "American multi-national sports apparel and accessories maker Nike has emerged on top of Forbes' 'The World's Most Valuable Sports Brands 2014'. The brand value of Nike in 2014 is estimated to be at $19 billion, up from $17.3 billion last year, according to Forbes" (Sengupta). “Revenues for NIKE, Inc. rose 10 percent to $30.6 billion, up 14 percent on a currency-neutral basis” (NIKE, INC).

Nike makes use of art in their clothing and equipment in order to ensure that they sell the most possible units they can.  Entire departments are are dedicated to studying social trends in order to make sure their clothes are up-to-date and fashionable.  Their goal is to create a product that everyone wants, and something that is timeless.  

Along with being stylish and trendy, Nike must also create a product that can be comfortable and help assist an athlete in performing to the best of his/her ability.  Countless hours of research as well as a large amount of money is put in to finding what will work best with the athlete.  Athletic shoes, for example, are created to be light, while still providing support for the foot.  Overall, the combination of art and science is what makes Nike appealing to a wide range of consumers.

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  1. I think that your reference to Nike is a really interesting approach to explaining the convergence of art and science. I agree with you that Nike uses art as a way to make a product timeless and appealing to the masses. I also agree that they use science to enhance their products effectiveness. However, I don’t think that art is confined to just influencing the look of the product. Without art, the product would not be designed in the most effective way. Therefore, the product would not be as comfortable or light as possible. In my opinion, art and science are overlapping more and more in product design.

  2. I found it very interesting that you were able to connect the science and art of Nike sneakers. I usually separate the two when thinking about buying shoes. I always think about what shoe looks the best or what purpose the shoe will serve. I rarely think of the two together, so that was nice to see the two combined in your post. The art and science combined in Nike shoes make them the best shoes in the business, in my opinion.

  3. I think you have a very good example of how art and technology are merged together! I have never thought of sportswear as an example before, but it really makes a lot of sense! Actually, I think all sportswear brands are utilizing both art and technology in order to fashionable, comfortable, and useful!